Boater and Registration Information

Boat Registration –
The Lake Committee would like to remind all boat, canoe and kayak owners to register their boats at the clubhouse. Registration is ‘FREE’, but is necessary regardless of where your boat is stored, such as garages, private docks, etc. This is a free service which helps whenever a boat is lost or found. Unregistered boats should not be used on our private lake. If you were registered in a previous year, you can call, e-mail, or stop by the clubhouse to renew your registration. For new boats, please stop in to the clubhouse. The
clubhouse email is; phone is 610-274-0846.

Boat Storage – NOTE: effective June 1st, 2017, the rates for boat storage will be changed.  
The new rates for storage will be as follows –

Indoor Rack Storage – $50.00 annually.
Outdoor Rack Storage – $15.00 annually.

A limited amount of boat storage space is available for our residents. Boathouse inside storage is $25 per year, and outside storage on the racks next to the boathouse is $10 per year. Somerset Lake Service Corporation is not responsible for any theft or damage to boats. Please contact the clubhouse for more information.

Special Info –
No gasoline-powered craft are permitted on Somerset Lake. Please always follow safe boating practices, and happy boating!