Lake Information

Somerset Lake, in New Garden Township, is a private, man-made lake for use by the residents and guests of the Somerset Lake community only.

The 28 acre lake was originally created in 1966 by a private individual. Several years later, the lake and adjacent land was purchased by a developer, who created the community of Somerset Lake. Today the lake is owned by the non-profit homeowners’ association known as Somerset Lake Service Corporation.

Somerset lake and its watershed support a variety of wildlife, including fish, turtles, ducks, geese, blue heron and a wide variety of other birds. The lake is also a fishing spot for bald eagles.

The stream that feeds Somerset Lake, Broad Run, continues to flow below the lake into the East Branch of the White Clay Creek. White Clay Creek and it’s watershed have been awarded National Wild & Scenic River status by the National Park Service.

Today, a volunteer Lake Committee focuses on learning about eutrophication, nutrient levels, riparian buffers, watershed management, water testing, community education about fertilizer use and other issues.

In 2011, Somerset Lake partnered with New Garden Township and received a Growing Greener grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to develop a comprehensive watershed management plan for Somerset Lake. The volunteers of the Lake Committee are taking the necessary steps today to secure a healthy long-term future for the lake, the watershed, and the ecosystem.

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